This year WAPC President Cresta Jones presented appreciation awards to 17 individuals who supported WAPC's leadership transition as well as individuals who helped create and support continuing education programming, and quality improvement efforts.

The first group recognized was the Human Milk Feeding Learning Collaborative of WisPQC. In 2017, WisPQC launched a quality improvement initiative about human milk feeding that included measures for all settings—public health, hospital, and outpatient. In 2018, the initiative continued with a set of refined measures designed to improve the time when infants were introduced to the breast, the number of NICU infants fed mother's or donor milk, and how parents learn about breastfeeding before, during, and after the birth of their infant. A group of dedicated clinicians submitted data for the initiative measures, demonstrating the commitment to assure that all infants have the health benefits of mothers' milk. Each month, the group studied the aggregate data and created PDSA cycles, or small tests of change to improve both practice and outcomes.

Human Milk Feeding Learning Collaborative of WisPQC (l to r): Deb Schumacher, Lisa Lokken, Chris Stark, Sarah Joost, Samantha Perry, and Melissa Remiker

The second group honored was the regional representatives from the three northern regions—Northcentral, Northwest, and Northeast. All of the individuals made a commitment to provide professional education on relevant topics to their constituents in a convenient location.

Over the past two years, leaders in the Northcentral and Northwest regions were committed to offering high quality education closer to home. Those leaders collaborated again in 2017 on a very successful summer workshop on contemporary perinatal issues. The Northeast region also took the initiative to host an educational session in Green Bay, with Bellin College in 2018, on the topic of human trafficking.

Northcentral, Northwest, and Northeast Educational Programs: (from left to right): Christina Greetan, Janet Letter, Maria Green, Sarah Walder, and Josie Kilde.

The next group honored made what will be a long lasting contribution to WAPC by accepting service on the special Search and Screen Committee for the next Executive Director. The group engaged in an incredibly thoughtful process that resulted in the hiring of WAPC's new Executive Director, Eileen Zeiger. The Search and Screen Committee members advised on the recruitment process and materials, and participated in a well-defined process that included vetting paper applications, followed by three interviews, and consultation with an HR consultant. The Committee also engaged the staff in the interview process.

Search & Screen Committee (from left to right): Cresta Jones, Liz Goetz, Chris Van Mullem, Lisa Lokken, Ann Ebert. Also pictured is retiring Executive Director, Ann Conway, and new Executive Director, Eileen Zeiger.

The final appreciation award went to an exceptional volunteer: Carolyn Rumph. Ms. Rumph is a retired dietitian from the Southcentral Region who regularly volunteers to help staff do all of the necessary tasks during the weeks leading up to the annual conference. Year after year, Carolyn volunteers to do the glamorous jobs of stuffing nametags in name badges and stuff folders with handouts. This year, she managed to navigate rain, sleet, snow, and wind to assist WAPC staff during the weeks before the conference.

Cresta Jones and Caroline Rumph