The Strategic Advisory Committee met on June 1, 2018, chaired by Dr. Liz Goetz. Staff prepared a variety of charts to illustrate our membership trends over the years, and these provided the basis of some excellent discussion about how to increase and diversify our membership. What was beautiful about this conversation, was that it naturally led to a discussion about the value we can offer members, how we can add to our educational offerings, and how we can best live our values to achieve our mission as the best way to attract and retain members.

We also discussed the success of the Annual Conference. A rousing cheer erupted in recognition of Barb Wienholtz’s well-executed planning of the many details that allowed the conference to run smoothly. We discussed the record number of posters at the Annual Conference, and discussed some exciting ways to continue to build on the poster sessions, including how to encourage discussion at the cutting edge of perinatal care in a variety of disciplines. We talked about the Buddy System pilot, coordinated by Jenee Jerome, implemented at the Annual Conference to welcome and involve new members by pairing them with seasoned members.

Kyle Mounts presented the progress we have made with our many programs, including WisPQC’s selection of safe sleep as the priority of 2018, the work to improve identification of infants at risk for neonatal abstinence syndrome (NAS)/neonatal opioid withdrawal syndrome (NOWS) and standardize their care, and the upcoming Opioid Symposium on July 24, with keynote Marjorie Meyer, MD from the University of Vermont.

The 2018 Regional Forum Series’ topic is Human Trafficking. Eva Fassbinder Brummel reported on the planning for the series, as well as the progress made on our Learning Management System, made possible by the support of the Perinatal Foundation.