Mandy Walter

When we asked Mandy Walter what she would say to encourage colleagues to join WAPC, her fantastic answer was: "Why not join? It benefits both you and your patients. I became a member to become involved in an organization in my state that supported the care of women, babies, and their families. I think any health professional caring for women and their families should be a member of WAPC."

Mandy joined WAPC last year after being invited by her manager to attend the 2017 WAPC Annual Conference. It was her first time as a WAPC conference-goer and she made the most of this opportunity, making sure to attend in 2018 as well. Mandy feels that the conference provides a unique opportunity for education and networking. "The conferences are accessible and contain topics that are specific to what is going on in our area. Also, it is a great way to network with local organizations and health professionals. The resources and education provided by WAPC are invaluable to the work I do." Mandy has made a practice of sharing what she's learned at the each conference with her colleagues, "This gets them excited about new research or practice that is coming out in the field."

Speaking of excitement, we at WAPC are excited for the education, expertise, and talents that Mandy brings to the organization. Mandy graduated from Georgetown University in December of 2016 and became board-certified as a Women's Health Care Nurse Practitioner (WHNP) in 2017. She obtained state licensure as an APNP this year. She currently works as a women's health nurse practitioner at Watertown Regional Medical Center. Her primary role is as OB educator, but she wears many other hats: staff nurse, policy and procedure development and revision, new product and process roll out throughout the organization, and so much more. Mandy says, "What I like best about my job is that each day is different and exciting, it challenges me both personally and professionally, and that I work with a great team who support one another."

Mandy wears many hats within WAPC as well, serving on the 2018 Regional Forum Series Planning Committee and the 2019 Annual Conference Planning Committee. Mandy recently became the Southcentral Region Nurse Representative to the WAPC Board of Directors, a role she is looking forward to as she becomes more involved in the organization. She says, "I like that being the Southcentral Region representative gives me a voice on the Board, in addition to giving me access to a wealth of knowledge and support across the state in the area of women's health."

Mandy, we welcome your voice, and your continued collaboration with WAPC!