The Wisconsin Birth Defects Registry (WBDR) reporting requirements will change beginning July 1, 2018. Notification explaining the change was sent to all individual reporters and licensed providers earlier this month. This letter can be found on the announcements page of the WAPC Web site.

The following article is reprinted from our March 2018 issue.

WAPC participates in the DHS Council on Birth Defects Prevention and Surveillance and has participated in discussions to change the birth defects reporting. The following changes to Statute 253.12 were incorporated into the Governor’s budget and approved by the legislature in 2017. The changes will be implemented on July 1, 2018.

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Changes to Statute 253.12

In September of 2017, the original birth defects legislation and rules were updated. The original legislation required parent permission to submit identifiers to the WBDR which resulted in most organizations unable to submit identifiers because of the administrative burden of obtaining and documenting parent permission. (Identifiers include name and address of child and parents.) That requirement was removed in 2017. All organizations will be able to submit identifiers with all of their birth defects reports beginning July 1, 2018. Inclusion of identifiers allows DHS to determine: if duplicate records are submitted; if families are receiving appropriate services; if the number and type of birth defects present are increasing/decreasing; if environmental risk factors are responsible for certain birth defects, or clusters of birth defects; if prevention activities are warranted and effective; and if Wisconsin has the same type and number of birth defects as national estimates would indicate. Parents or guardians can request identifiers be removed from the WBDR at any time. This is consistent with other newborn screening applications administered by DHS.

The revised legislation also streamlines the process of adding or removing WBDR reportable conditions. (The current list is available on the last page of the paper reporting form DPH F-40054.) The Council on Birth Defects Prevention and Surveillance will be responsible for developing criteria and a process for making changes.

Wisconsin Birth Defects Registry (WBDR)

The WBDR is a secure web-based reporting system. There are three reporting options:

  • A paper form (DPH F-40054) may be submitted
  • An approved reporter may enter reports one at a time on a secure website
  • A reporting site may upload multiple reports from their electronic patient record system to the secure website.

The following link will take you to the various forms for reporting: https://www.dhs.wisconsin.gov/forms/f4/f40054.pdf

Watch the DHS Web site for more details about implementing the statute changes.